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If your goal is to start successful business or develop the existing one, ITPROSYSTEM will help You to have advantage to Your competitors by professional internet presentation, web application, e-commerce website or mobile application. Nice looking and optimized application is unavoidable part of running business and key factor for Your company growth. Quality web page makes good impression about your company to potential buyers or users of your services. Find out exactly what kind of web application or presentation You need. No matter if you have small company with limited budget or big corporation, we will offer you suitable package of services towards Your demands.


You want unique design? Web design is a common service that is required if you want unique design, while service of “Visual identity” includes creation of logotype, color pallets and typography for different media and in different formats.

Software Architecture

Every project, in order to run and perform as it should with high load of traffic needs quality architecture design and development. From server architecture, to security planning and location-based content delivery systems, we cover it all.

Responsive design

Perfect for all devices. Responsive design makes special approach of website creation that enables perfect website overview even at the small screens. Creating this kind of website is less expensive than creating classical website with the version for cell phones

Planning & Support


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Creating online store is necessity of modern times

  • Do you have a product and want to sell it without the higher costs?
  • Have a store or want to increase your sales volume?
  • Want to expand your market?
  • You are not so far engaged in trade or feel you have a good idea
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Creating online store is necessary because of a busy lifestyle, due to geographical impossibility of reaching the desired product, therefore, enable your customers to buy from the comfort of their sofa without working hour time limit because web stores are open 0-24. Shopping and interaction with customers has never been easier. Internet shop is the simplest and most effective way to quickly connect with customers.

Our online store compliance with all current web standards, which allows your online sales to achieve better results and position on search engines. This means a better income for you, because the higher presence on search engines results with higher sales of your products or services.

Additional services

Website or application maintenance
Web design

Web design is a service required by customers desiring a unique web site design. Web design is used to obtain the images that represent the appearance of each specific website. Web design itself does not contain the program code and can not be used on the internet without the prior programming. Prepared web design is the basis to programmers to show them the appearance of the finished site.


Branding or visual identity includes the development of a logo, defining the color system, various media applied typography. Logo design needs to visually show what your business is, and its production is the most important branding part because distinctive and unique logo is one way to draw attention to yourself and make the good

Our Experiences

web application development
Applications based on PHP, Python, Javascript or/and NodeJS programming languages.
web presentation development
Website based on some of the most popular CMS or without CMS systems.
e-commerce development
Custom CMS, Wordpress and many more.
custom wordpress development
Development of custom themes, plugins or extending/optimizing core functionalities.
mobile application development
Native iOS, Android apps or Hybrid mobile apps for all available platforms.

Meet the Team

Leading engineers of our company. We are here to make your life easier
With over 8 years of experience in professional development, Igor helped many great companies reach new frontiers in development techniques and methodologies. He's passionate in learning new technologies on daily level and creating amazing out-of-this-world apps. His main programming languages are PHP, Python, Javascript and NodeJS.

Igor Trnovac

Software Engineer
Software Architecture Specialist

Oli has been in lot of businesses before he started his development career and that experience makes him a great asset for understanding business needs of all of our clients and making Your Business to Development logic conversion flow with ease. He's also awesome in Javascript and UI/UX development.

Dragoljub Oli Živanović

Front-end Engineer
Business to Development specialist


“It was great working with ItProSystem. Timely responses, good results and clean code. He moved our web site from old table based design to responsive web standards. Now it works correctly on all devices we tested!”
Dejan Grujic
"Good job by ItProsystem. We got well-designed, responsive, easy editing and unique site. The job is completed to the mutual satisfaction thanks to good communication, wise guidance and professionality of ItProsystem."
Srdjan Stojkov
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